General Cemetery

A General Cemetery is an older style cemetery, usually divided into denominations and with full grave covers. These cemeteries are usually old and in many country towns are being closed owing to the amount of unknown and unmarked graves. In many towns these cemeteries are only used where a recorded reservation is available. Smaller rural centers still use this type of cemetery.

Full grave covers are used in most general cemeteries. These come in many shapes and sizes and again can be built to suit your own design. In the past manmade monuments such as concrete or terrazzo have been popular, however granite is now very comparable in price and has become more so. Granite is much harder being a polished rock and will outlast any manmade substance. It also is more appealing to the eye.

Lawn Cemetery

A lawn cemetery can be denominational or non denominational. In most cases the latter is the case. Plots are sold off in order so for families to be buried together they need to reserve sites at the time of the first burial. Many lawn cemeteries insist on double depth graves allowing for two interments in the one plot. Some lawn cemetery operators insist that all headstones be the same shape and size. Others allow variations. It is best to consult your stonemason who would have knowledge of these cemeteries.

Lawn cemetery monuments come in many shapes and sizes. You can even design your own shape and we will obtain a quote for you. Glass panels are very elaborate and can be designed with your own photos, verses and inscriptions. Granite panels or headstones can be inscribed with your own inscriptions, dot matrix photos or symbols representing your loved one. Bronze plaque similarly can be inscribed with your own requirements. Ceramic photos can also be fitted to any of the above.

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